Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Mason Girls :: Lifestyle

When a year rolls around that my calendar and the Mason calendars match up, it's a good time! We met years ago in Romania while we were all traveling the world. As they continue to travel the world, it makes it tough to meet up, but we still make it a priority! We're always sure to include time for pictures while we have a visit. I tease that these girls are the face of my business! I started photographing JaneBatson when she was SO little, and she kickstarted it for me. Now she's almost a teenager. What?!

You can see what I mean here, here, here, here, here. I realized there are even a few more shoots that I haven't posted! 

We've talked about taking photos at Botany Bay at Edisto Island for quite a while, and it was never opened when we were together! I'm so glad it worked out this year. Hurricane Matthew really took a toll on it last year and I have just recently heard that it is closed indefinitely due to hurricane Irma. :( 

Enjoy these photos of two of my favorite girls! 

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