Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April as an Adult

There are just a few more days left in April, and all of the adults breath a sigh of relief. In case you've seen your friends walking around a little glum this month, and just couldn't put your finger one why, I might be able to help you understand.

When I was a kid, April meant spring! The grass was turning green and everything was blooming. The winter jackets were being put away, and the sleeveless shirts were coming out. The school year was starting to wind down, and it was my birthday month!

Now that we're a little older, April has started meaning pollen and taxes.

So we spend hours adding up our earnings, our gas mileage, and our spendings...while we sneeze and rub our itchy swollen eyes.

We look to see how much money we're sending off and even though we're kind of used to it, the number is still a little terrifying.

The deadline is getting close, and even though we've ignored it for a bit the amount doesn't change. So we write the check...and sneeze three times.

All is well soon because we will get tax returns. Unless you're self-employed. Then you just kiss the money goodbye and start working hard to book a few more jobs.

But remember? It's still springtime. Only a few weeks left for school. The birds are chirping, the grass is greener, the flowers are blooming, by now the pollen isn't as bad and taxes are done. It may not be the "most wonderful time of the year" but it's still pretty great!

(Photo by Abe Crow)

Enjoy the last few days of this month...summer is coming! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Caleb and Kimmy :: Engaged

This past weekend I photographed Caleb and Kimmy's engagement photos as they are preparing for their August wedding! These two put a lot of thought into their photos with outfit choices, nail color (for Kimmy. ha!), and location! They are one classy and stylish couple. We had a great time, and I love how comfortable they are with each other. I'm pretty excited about photographing the big day in just a few months! 

Something extra fun about this shoot is that Caleb is my boyfriend's brother! It turns out that Abe is quite the photographer himself, so I gave him a camera and he got some great photos. I think he might just have to become my permanent second shooter!


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Cliff and Angelina :: Married

Seven years ago in San Antonio, Texas I met up with a group of girls at a photography workshop. Most of the girls had already been there a week for the first course. I joined in that second week. I was shy and nervous and felt like a bit of an outsider crashing the party. I remember getting into the van and meeting a very outgoing girl who introduced herself as "Babbs". She talked a lot, made me feel more than welcome and then we realized we were both from GA! 

That was the start of a very special friendship. Babb's (aka Angelina) and I became friends, and have had multiple coffee dates, photo shoots, brain storming sessions, and have grown our photography businesses over the years. 

We would meet up and I would be over my photography business, frustrated. She would be all inspired and share all of her new ideas and tell me to get back at it. The next time we would meet, I would be the one full of ideas and she would be discouraged about her business. That's pretty much how it went. One friend encouraging and inspiring the other, telling each other to get back at it! You need those kinds of friends. 

Kira Thorman was also at that same workshop in San Antonio. We all quickly became friends, only she was from Colorado, not Georgia. That didn't stop her. Every year she would fly down to Georgia for a visit. She ended up marrying a Georgia boy, so we still get to see each other! She was the head photographer for Babb's wedding! 

What a pleasure it was to help photograph this sweet friend's wedding! 

Love these girls so much! It's a treat for us to all be together!