Wednesday, March 29, 2017

R2 Total Fitness :: Gym Photos

After spending the summer of 2015 away, I came back to Georgia trying to get back into the swing of things. Back to work, friends, my church, and workouts. My sister/workout partner had left for college and I forced myself to the basement everyday for a boring workout alone. It was a drag. I never considered joining a gym because we had plenty of programs and weights at home. It was cheap and convenient and kept me active and fit.

A friend kept "bugging" me to come try out this new gym she had started to go to, so I finally went to a Saturday class to appease her (thanks Jessica!). I enjoyed it, but wasn't sold. I didn't want to spend the money and it was 45 minutes away from my house, so it just didn't make sense. At the time R2 was running a Groupon for something like $7 to try it for a month, so I bought it. It was at least close to where I worked, so I changed things around a left earlier. I went consistently for that month and loved it. The classes were tough, effective, and new everyday. I never got bored! I thrive off of people and I'm competitive, so I really loved the gym setting. That month came to an end and I signed up. I have been going consistently for almost two years now! 

Guess what? I still never get bored! R2 Fitness runs a PHIIT system with interval training. Bill and Marcus (the owners) create a new workout everyday, and somehow I'm sore every week! The people are motivated and the atmosphere is fun. 

At the end of last year I took some photos for the gym since they were going to be featured on Voyage ATL. Here are some of my favorites! 

If you're looking for a great place to workout in Woodstock Ga, you've got to stop by and try out R2 Total Fitness! You're sure to love it ;)

Monday, March 27, 2017

Colorado Adventures :: Personal

Recently I went through the folders on my computer to print some pictures. I realized that I hardly ever take personal photos with my "real" camera. They were all on my phone! I tend to get lazy and not want to lug my big camera around, but I decided that needed to change. 

March has been a busy month with some fun travels, so what better time to start back into documenting with the camera? 

One of the big trips this month was to Colorado. I absolutely love visiting this gorgeous state! It's a place full of fun hikes, amazing scenery, and dear friends! This time around the trip was for skiing. I've only been once before, so a whole trip designated to skiing was a bit of an adventure. I'm a total newbie with that, so believe it or not I didn't take my camera down the slopes with me.

While we were there, we stayed with friends who had a house in Estes Park for the week. We enjoyed some hikes, yummy food, exploring, and of course the hot tub!