Monday, January 30, 2017

The Byrnes Family

During the fall I was shooting sessions multiple times a week, and would do my best to get previews up, but there are a few shoots I never did get around to blogging!

I'm excited to share pictures from the Byrnes' photoshoot! I spent a chilly Saturday morning with Jon and Jodi and their 3 kiddos in Greenville last fall. The kids ran around, climbed on logs, and even sat for a few posed photos!

Jodi is a photographer herself, so I had to get these right! She put a lot of work into the shoot. She   coordinated all of their outfits and spent a lot of time on her own makeup and details! She even had the location picked out ahead of time! 

I met the Byrnes through my boyfriend Abe! He came along with me to the shoot and held the baby, played with the kids, and kept everyone happy! Did you see the pictures of Sadie pointing? She was pointing at Abe...she and I have a pretty big crush on him. ;) 

Happy Monday everyone!

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