Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hannah Kate and Madison :: Lifestyle

My little niece Hannah Kate has always loved her baby dolls. She has several of them, and each one is treated like a real baby. She will often ask if you want to her her baby and then proceed to show you how to do that "the right way". She feeds her babies, burps them, puts them down for naps, talks to them, and does just about anything else you would do for a real baby.

Hannah Kate wanted a baby brother or sister so bad, and she along with her mommy and daddy prayed and prayed for God to give their family another baby! I'm sure you can imagine just how excited she was when she found out God had answered their prayers! She is one of Madison's biggest fans, and you can hardly get a turn holding that baby.

She loves her dolls, but I think she's having much more fun playing with a real baby now...even though this one cries.

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  1. Fabulous! SOOOO sweet and beautiful. GREAT job capturing these precious ones Hailey!