Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Family Vacay 2016

I'm don't think I'm quite ready to join in on the pumpkin spice/fall time excitement just yet. I'm still enjoying the bright evenings, driving with the windows down, and squeezing in some afternoon pool time. I'll love it once it's fully here, but for now I'm still in summer mode. That could be because it's still 90 degrees here in Atlanta.

I was cleaning thousands of pictures out my Lightroom catalog the other day and found a few pictures I took from my family's vacation back in May. I sent my sister a snapchat of one of the pictures and she said "I never even saw pictures from that". I guess that's what happens when your sister is a photographer, you may never end up seeing the pictures. Whoops! 

When I'm on vacation I'm pretty much in full blown bum mode when it comes to work. I don't have a whole lot of motivation to use my camera (other than my phone), but I usually try to grab a few pictures. So, while it's still warm outside I thought I would share a few of them before they're incredibly out of date. 

As we have all gotten older it gets a little harder to get everyone together at the same time. The married kids didn't join us and we started off the vacation without Katelyn and Mom. They joined us a few days later. 

Lindsey and I spent just about every night on this great porch outside of our room. This was her first week back after being at school, so we had plenty to catch up on while we star-gazed. 

Walking down the boardwalk to this view was definitely a favorite. 

Our love for the beach comes from this lady right here!

We spent the majority of the week sitting on the beach reading, sleeping, and of course some time cooling off in the ocean since it was SO HOT!  In the afternoons we would walk to Starbucks down the road (since fraps happened to be half off that week!) or visit the shops. Our evenings were spent watching Fixer Upper, Shark Tank, and all of those great shows...and eating ice cream. Lindsey and I even got in a couple of workouts and few runs around the super cool neighborhood.

As always it was a great vacation, and I'm glad I pulled the camera out for a few pictures!

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