Thursday, September 22, 2016

3 Tips for Fantastic Family Photos

Today is the first day of fall, and that means photoshoots galore! Cool temperatures, pretty leaves, boots, scarves, and Christmas approaching has people booking their photo sessions!

Whether you've had family photos taken or have even been the one to take the family photos, you know it is no easy feat. Especially when little ones are involved! "Smile and sit still" is not something they care about, and photoshoots can easily end in tears, frustrated parents, and bad pictures. While there is no perfect "fix", I have found a few tricks to make photoshoots less stressful, and hopefully even fun! So today I'm sharing three things I encourage my clients to keep in mind as they go into a photo shoot! 

1. Bring your favorite things.

It could be a dog, a toy, books, or even coffee and doughnuts...but bring something you love to a photoshoot and it's bound to make it more fun. Especially for the kiddos.

2. Do something you like. 

This is a big one! Pick a place or an activity that your family enjoys. A familiar environment can make a big difference. Some people like to stay at their house for this reason. Below we've got apple picking, showing off ballet moves, swinging, and jumping into leaf piles. If you're actually having fun, it'll show up in those pictures...crazy, I know. 

3. Be candid.

I know you want that perfect picture to put on the Christmas card or hang up in the house, but have fun in between. Relaxing and having a good time will give you the end result of the postcard picture and also remind you of those little baby steps, that laughter, baby's infatuation with the camera, and those cute facial expressions. 

Basically the takeaway is this: have fun and don't be stressed out. That's what "capturing" memories is all about, and hopefully you'll still end up with that perfect Christmas Card photo. 

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