Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites :: April!

April is here, and it's my favorite month out of the year! I associate it with green trees, pretty light, warm evenings, cookouts, and lots of outdoor activities! Oh, and my birthday! 

I have to admit the month has lost a little bit of it's charm as I've gotten older. Now it means sneezing fits and itchy eyes (gotta love that pollen!), taxes that are due, tags that need to be renewed, and this year my license also needed to be renewed. I've spent the last few weeks getting taxes done, yesterday I finally got the tag and license taken care of, and the rain washed the pollen away last night (for a few hours at least)...April is here and ready to be enjoyed!

I took these pictures of my niece the other night while we were swinging together. See what I mean about green trees, pretty light, and outdoor activities? 

Happy April 1st! Don't believe anything you hear today ;)

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