Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favorites :: Estes Park

When work takes me to Colorado, you won't hear me complain! Today I'm shooting a wedding in Colorado, so I decided to make a little trip out of it and bring my mom and sister along! We have such sweet friends here and have definitely enjoyed our time. Yesterday our friend Melanie took us to Estes Park and it was absolutely beautiful! 

Now we're off to get ready for the wedding (Brittany is helping me!). Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

22 Years

A few weeks ago I turned 23 and I've been thinking about how great year number 22 was. Three years in, and I'm loving my twenties!

Last year wasn't all fun and games...there were plenty of things I wish I "could have gone without" but lets be honest...who would want to read a blog post on "the worst moments of my 22nd year"? So, here are a few highlights from last year!

Disney Trip

Apparently I went to Disney world when I was a little child, but I don't have a single memory of it. A few years ago, my sister Brittany and I went to Epcot for a day and we had a blast. This trip was awesome because we got to visit several of the parks (thanks to my sister Katelyn!!) including Magic Kingdom. It's not often we can get several of us girls together, so it was an added bonus that all of us single girls got to go...and mom and dad too! ;)

Photography Workshops

I wrote a bit about this in a previous blog post, but this year I discovered a love for teaching! Along with my two friends from Asterisk Photography, we taught two workshops together and absolutely loved it. It is a TON of work, but seeing information "click" and watching people get excited about what you've taught them is so rewarding!

Being a Camp Counselor

I grew up going to The Wilds every year for camp, and it was always a highlight of my summer. I used to think that the counselors were like these super Christians who knew everything! When I started working at camp I knew that wasn't true, but counseling still scared me. Last year I finally did it, and loved it! Getting to invest in a group of girls every week, make tons of new friends, work with other counselors, learn SO much, see God work in incredible ways, and act crazy for an entire summer was an experience I am so grateful for!

Watching My Business Grow

Well, I guess I didn't just watch it. I put more work into my business last year than I ever had, and it has been so exciting to see the work pay off! I've had one of my busiest years yet, and it keeps getting better!

Earned Two Belt Colors

Over the last few years I have spent my Monday nights attending Martial Arts classes. I love learning it, but two hours of martial arts at the end of a Monday is literally the last thing I want to do each week. It's exciting to move up in ranking especially now that I'm only three belts away from black!

Ran My First 10k

Running is NOT my strong point, and 5ks have always been my limit. I did want to run a 10k eventually. When my sisters decided last year's thanksgiving 5k tradition was going to change to a 10k, I caved to the pier pressure and signed up. I finished it, felt accomplished, and didn't run again for about 2 months afterwards. haha!

Hanging out with Friends and Family 

I love being around people, so every chance I get I hang out with friends and my family. I consider those times some of the best gifts!

23 is already off to a good start! Enjoying life one day at a time!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Ethan and Alyssa :: Married

A few months ago I shared a preview from Ethan and Alyssa's wedding, but I couldn't let the rest of these photos go without being blogged! This was my first wedding of the year, and what a way to kick it off! Alyssa was a calm bride and I could tell she was soaking in and enjoying every moment of her wedding! The whole day flowed wonderfully and their ceremony was so sweet and focused on what God had brought together. 

Many many thanks to Abbie Fant who assisted me with this wedding! Many of these photos were taken by her...I've pretty much decided that she needs to be my permanent assistant! ;)

Congratulations Ethan and Alyssa!