Wednesday, February 10, 2016

3 Favorite (Georgia) Venues

Are you a fan of rustic, outdoors, barn-styled weddings? I am! They're pretty much my favorite. I'm always so excited to find great venues for weddings and photoshoot locations! Today I'm sharing three of my favorites. These aren't just my favorites because they're beautiful, but the people who run them are wonderful! Venue owners make SUCH a huge difference, and I had a great experience with each of these! 

When I first drove up to this venue I could visualize  places to take photos ALL OVER! There were just so many options! The farm is decorated with lights, old trucks, old wagons, a windmill, and so many other things! They have an adorable bridal room with wooden walls, a huge mirror, and fun antique details. The reception was decked out with beautiful lights, wooden details, and pretty chandeliers. 

There are two locations for the ceremony. Maggie and Joe chose the outdoor location (see below), but they also have a gorgeous chapel! At the end of the wedding it started to rain, so we actually used the chapel to take shelter and and get a few pictures. 

A few other highlights of this location is that they only book one wedding a weekend, so you are able to be at the venue all week getting ready for your wedding. If you are in need of a planner, Cathy can also take care of that!  

This venue is run by Michael and Cathy Proctor, and you can visit their Facebook page here

Vintage Oaks Farm: Watkinsville, GA

This is another great venue located near Athens! This farm had the cutest bridal room that provided a relaxed and fun feel while the girls got ready. There are porches on the side and back of the building so it was a great place for guests to get out of the sun. They also provided some great photo locations! They have tons of beautiful decorations that you can choose from to give your wedding just the look you want!

Vintage Oaks Farm is also family owned and you can find their Facebook page here

Barnsley Resort: Adairsville, GA

Barnsley Gardens might be a familiar name to some since this happens to be a great vacation or getaway resort. I have not photographed a wedding here (they DO host weddings), but I was able to photograph a proposal here, and it was wonderful!

The lady that heads these events up is referred to as the "Fairy Godmother", and she lives up to her name. From sparkly shoes to an upbeat and sweet personality, she makes these events magical! When we first went to "scout out" the location before the engagement she took us all around the property showing us all of the potential places for the proposal to take place. James decided to propose at the ruins (absolutely gorgeous!!), go for a horseback ride, and heave desert in the bamboo gardens.

Fairy took the plan made it happen. She lit the bamboo gardens with lights, filled the table with rose petals, brought in some amazing cheesecake, arranged a bouquet of flowers for Olivia (so she would see these as they walked through the ruins right before he proposed!), had the horses ready, and took me around so that I could photograph it. I was completely impressed with the work she put into making it perfect!

You can find their Facebook page here.

If you have any questions about any of these venues, I'd be happy to answer! 


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