Wednesday, December 16, 2015

James and Olivia :: Engaged

This year has been fun in the photography world. I've been able to photograph many of my friends engagements, weddings, and families. This is one of the fun parts of "growing up" right? ;) 

I took several high school classes with James and we graduated together, but after that I had mostly just seen him on Facebook. When pictures with Olivia started filling his news feed, I could tell something was going on there. He sure did like that girl! Sure enough, it came time to propose, and he asked if I could photograph the big event! 

James set the bar pretty high with his well-planned engagement to Olivia at the Barnsley Gardens Resort! A tour of the property, asking her to marry him at the ruins, a horseback ride, desert in the bamboo garden, and engagement pictures. A morning he planned well for his sweet girl! 

Congratulations you two! Thanks for letting me hide in the ruins and follow you around with the camera! 

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