Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Equip You Workshop Recap

Last Saturday we taught our first Equip You Workshop, and it was fantastic! After several brainstorming sessions at Panera, late night Skype chats, and several hours on our computers, everything was a go! 

There were a few times when we questioned whether or not we had enough content. The Friday night before we gave it a trial run and realized we had more than enough. My goodness, we were excited. 

I have to give a HUGE shoutout to Anntonette for her craftiness and brilliance! She created our awesome gift bags, notebooks, and gift cards! 
Also, many thanks to Sweet N Simple Co. for their contribution to our goodie bags! Aren't the hair ties adorable? 

As everyone arrived on Saturday morning, we made coffee and had introductions then jumped right into the lessons! 

I think we were surprised at how much we loved teaching. What made it even better was the comments we were receiving from the attendees. 
"Oh, I finally get it!" 
"Ah, that makes sense." 
"So THAT'S how you get that."
"I just want to go home and practice!" 
THEY WERE GETTING IT! Whew, we weren't failing them! 

We spent a few hours overloading their brains, and let them out to shoot and practice what they had learned. We were impressed! 

What a fantastic group of people to teach for our first time! They were so kind, excited, and eager to learn. That makes teaching easy, right? 

We ended the day by taking head shots of everyone who attended! 

Thank you guys for trusting us on our first go at this! We can't stop talking about how much we loved it. And for those of you who didn't get to come, don't worry...we were just getting started! ;)

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