Monday, October 5, 2015

Christmas Card Sessions!

I know I shouldn't be talking about Christmas yet because we have just started to enjoy fall, but I just have to plant a thought before the calendars are full!

This season I am adding Christmas Card Sessions to the mix! I am still offering regular and mini sessions, so if that's more of your thing don't worry!

Christmas card sessions are for families who aren't into a full-blown photoshoot. This is for those who just want that one good picture to put on the Christmas cards to send out. Honestly, I created this with my family in mind. It's hard to get big families together for a photoshoot. We pretty much get one photo and everyone is DONE.

So it's basically a mini mini session. ;) They're 15 minutes long, and you'll end up with 5-10 images to pick for your Christmas Card!

Let me know if you want in by emailing me (!

Ok, now you can go back to drinking your pumpkin spice lattes and looking at the pretty tree colors. I won't bring up the Christmas stuff again for a few more weeks. ;)

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