Thursday, September 17, 2015

Important Workshop Changes + Get 40% Off!

Hey Everyone! There are a few updates you need to know about our workshop! The date has been changed! We have found that October the 10th was not convenient for everyone, so it has been changed to October 17! 

Get 40% off! 
We've created a referral program! 
If you bring a friend, you can EACH attend for only $99! 

Professional Headshots! 
Attendees will receive a professional headshot ($250 Value)! 
An added bonus of attending the workshop is receiving your own professional headshot INCLUDED in the workshop! 

To end off, I thought you might enjoy this little video of what it looks like when three girls use a self timer to get a picture. Anyone who saw us got QUITE the show...

To sign up, click HERE!

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