Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A $5 Tool That Can Simplify Your Life

Over the last few weeks I have been intentionally working a lot on my business. Between, photo sessions, planning fall sessions, creating a workshop, and prepping for other business opportunities my brain has been on overload. I love having a goals to work towards...it excites and motivates me. But when I have a lot of ideas in my head I tend to get a little overwhelmed and forget basic things because I've got so much going on up there.

I’ve read several different blogs about productivity and efficiency and a lot of systems have been so helpful. I kind of created my own mix and one thing I want to tell you guys about is my little notebook. It’s practically my brain. I started writing everything in it, and I mean everything. Things that needs to be done, a schedule for each day, ideas I have, steps I can take towards making goals happen, and helpful blogs that I read. It’s all in this notebook. It has been such a big help! Here’s a few reasons why…

It helps me think creatively.
There is something about writing things down on paper that helps me focus in and think. Part of it is probably not having the distraction of notifications popping up, emails coming through, and text message buzzing. Once I start writing and I’m not distracted, ideas come flooding!

It helps me stay organized.
It’s wonderful to have everything stored in one place...whether that be my to-do list, work schedule, ideas list, notes, or brainstorming. When I write lists and notes on my computer, they get lost in the millions of files and I almost never find them again. So, when I need to remember something I’ve written down I can just pull out this notebook and find it easily.

It helps me stay off the internet.
Like I mentioned before, the internet can be so distracting. I’ll be working on one thing and find article after acricle that I want to read. That makes my one small task take 30 minutes to an hour…ridiculous!
On the same note, I can have it anywhere with me. It’s easy to tote a notebook around. I can take it outside to work on, to carpool, on trips, etc. I don’t have to be connected to the internet or keep it in the shade to see it. 

(Planning my week out while I waited to board my flight.)

So now you want a notebook right? Go get one! Make sure you get one that you really like. I love Moleskin journals. The lines are perfectly spread apart, and I love the brown cover...you can also decorate them if your artsy and all that. You can also find some super cute notebooks at Target for a less expensive option!

Oh, and make sure you use your favorite pen or pencil...it also makes a difference. ;) 

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

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