Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Significance of a Coffee Mug

Today I’m not writing about anything intelligent or sharing beautiful pictures. I’m writing about one of my favorite things: coffee mugs!

Do you ever have one of those days where you’d just like to drink coffee all day long? You brew a pot of coffee,  refill your cup multiple times, only to want more! At 3:00 in the afternoon you use every bit of willpower you have not to turn into Starbucks as you pass by. You can relate I'm sure. 

Ok, we’ve established the fact that coffee is wonderful and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Now there’s the second and equally important part…the mug! The taste of your coffee greatly depends on the cup you choose to drink it from, right? Right. A good mug just makes the coffee even better, that’s what I think. If all of my cute or fun mugs are dirty, I will pull one out of the dishwasher and wash it by hand before I use one of the boring or ugly clean mugs in the cabinet. I even have different mugs that have different uses.  I have the ones I use for lattes (the simple white and round ones are obviously best for that), the ones I use for brewed coffee (Starbucks mugs and cute creative ones are just perfect for this), and the ice cream mugs (bigger…always bigger. And cute, don’t forget that). Also, just a side note…mugs also make ice cream taste better. Bowls are no fun.

Now travel mugs, that’s whole different topic. Basically any of the Starbucks mugs are perfect. Every time I’m in that store I want to buy one of them. This is why they have a drive-through…for people like me.

Anyone else with me on this?

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