Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hello, world!

The last few days I’ve been stepping over mounds of clothes, tearing through bags trying to find what I need because I’m in a hurry, ignoring the constant buzzing on my phone with the little red numbers showing me emails that need to be responded to, scheduling phone consultations and then doing those consultations in the car, remembering about the unedited RAW files on my external drives waiting to be worked on, driving around in my nasty car full of sand, making lists and not crossing anything off of the lists, and hobbling around like an 80 year old because I’m so sore from getting back into workouts.

I sound like a mess don’t I? I am, and it’s my own fault really. I decided after being gone for the summer I’d rather take a quick beach trip, sit around talking with my family, go out to dinner with friends, bike with my sister, go to the lake with friends, make lattes, enjoy a day at Six Flags, take a Sunday afternoon nap, bake a cheesecake for my mom’s birthday, and go to my nephews birthday party.

Also, I'm sorry for the iPhone photos…I literally didn't touch my camera the entire time I was away. 

Mmm, yes. It was worth it. But I think by today I’ve had enough of the disorganization and clutter. My brain can’t handle it. So or course I’m sitting here writing on my blog. I did actually spend a good portion of my morning unpacking and putting things away. I’ve responded to several emails and crossed a few items off of my list. That’s progress right?

Anyway, I’m back…back to work, back to blogging, and back to normal life. Even though it doesn’t quite feel normal yet. Maybe another time I’ll write about my summer of camp. Oh what a good summer it was!

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