Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Girls List of Spring Pros and Cons

Spring is my favorite, favorite,  favorite…but it’s not all perfect when this time of year rolls around. I was thinking about some typical pros and cons for girls during springtime...


-       No more hair highlights because the sun does that for you now.
-       Less Makeup because when your face is tan, you don’t need it!
-       Phone calls, reading, and homework can all be done while you sit outside and get a tan. Ya know, killing two birds with one stone.
-       Windows in the car stay rolled down, and the ones in the house stay open.
-       Shopping for spring and summer clothing is one of the most exciting things. Bright colors and sandals… ahhh yes.
-       Running can be done outside. No more boring treadmills!
-       Flower and trees are blooming everywhere.


-       Oversized sweaters are no longer an option. Meaning the daily milkshakes, bagels, and fries have to go because you can’t hide under a big sweater anymore.
-       Pollin is all over your car and on absolutely everything else outside. This means you'll be sneezing about 1,000 times a day.
-       You “need” to shop because your old summer shoes are falling apart, and you need a new shirt for this, and new shorts for that, and a new swimsuit for the beach. Plus everything in Target is just so CUTE.
-       Workouts triple and food intake is cut in half because, well…summer is coming.
-       Working inside is horrible, because you just want to be out in the sunshine.
-       Bees are back and they fly into your car and buzz around your face and make you crazzzzy.
-       You must paint your toenails because you can’t cover them with socks anymore.

But best of all? Spring means it's almost BEACH TIME!

Even with the cons…the good outways the bad, don’t ya think? What did I miss? Feel free to add to the lists!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Foushee Family

I had so much fun hanging out with this beautiful family and taking their photos! They are so sweet, and have such great style. I've know them for several years, and it was so much fun to see all the kids grown up! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kate & Kaleigh Boutique

My sister Brittany has started her own busienss selling handmade baby items. Her business has grown quickly in a short amount of time. A few weeks ago she set up a booth at a craft show, and sold some adorable items. Be sure to check her out if you ever need some little bow ties, headbands, embroidered clothes, blankets, etc. You can view her latest "creations" on Facebook, Instagram (katekaleighboutique), and Etsy.

I just bought a few items from her for a photo session I have coming up! I can't wait to see the results!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Andrew and Ellen :: Engaged

Sometimes I feel like photos aren't quite enough, and that's why I am such a huge fan of videography. When you have the pictures and video mix, it like a perfect little combination of saving memories. I wish I had a video of this couple to share! I was having a BLAST during their engagement pictures. They're both hilarious, extremely comfortable with each other, and constantly teasing.  Ellen had told me before the photo shoot that they didn't really like being in front of the camera. I would have NEVER known that from our time together. They are two really happy people who are very much in love...I think you'll agree when you see the pictures!