Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stress-Free Productivity

I have probably mentioned this before, but I love productivity. I  always have! As a young homeschooler, I had my list of lessons and homework to get done, and loved marking things off of that list. When I was in middle school, I remembering asking one of my sisters (who was in high school) if she was almost done with her school for the day. She said “you’re never done for the day in highschool”.  She meant that you didn’t just do lessons and the assigned homework for the day. There were research papers that took several days to complete. There were terms and questions to memorize for the week. Math took longer to complete, and there was always a test to study for. I remember thinking that was SO depressing and that it sounded horrible. I didn’t want to be doing school all day and have more to finish at night. When do you get to play??

A few years later I knew what she was talking about; first with school, then with work. I worked my day job and came home to edit pictures, write a blog post, or respond to emails. My off days were spent catching up.  I started to think a 9-5 job sounded great. I wanted to come home and have nothing else work related to do.

I actually struggled for quite a while feeling like I just couldn’t get everything done. At the beginning of last year, I worked four part time jobs and was constantly stressed out. Whenever I complained about not being able to get things done, my sister would say “just quit something!” It really was my own fault.

Last August I started to make several adjustments that changed all of that considerably. The changes were very simple, and at first I didn’t even realize that they were helping. Somehow I had time to meet friends for coffee. I was able to enjoy time with family without thinking about all the work that needed to be done. I wasn’t constantly stressed out, and I even had time for the Sunday school class I was teaching. I was ENJOYING life!

I’ve got to run for now, but next week I’m going to share some tips that helped. Maybe it’ll be helpful to someone else who’s feeling like the work will never get done!

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