Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Family Vacation

When I was younger, our family would go to the beach and everyone wanted to sit out and read. Every now and then they would get in the ocean, but for the most part, they spent hours sitting on the beach. It used to drive me crazy. I had to be up and moving around. Over the last few years, I've grown to appreciate it SO much. Now I'm "one of them". I love sitting down there for hours reading, sleeping, listening to music, or just chilling. 

Vacations are for refreshing and relaxing. Our family goes into "beach bum" mode when we're on vacation. It sounds boring to some, but since our lives are far from boring at home...a boring vacation is kind of great. 

Leading up to it this year I was working my tail off. I'm getting ready to head to camp for the summer, and there was a lot to be done before heading out. I worked 60+ hours from Monday-Thursday before we left. I woke up Friday morning before we left feeling quite feverish and I had a bad cold. But we were heading to the beach and if you're going to be sick, you might as well be sick at the beach. Sure enough, salty air, rest, relaxation, and many naps was the quick cure. 

Some of my favorite vacation things: 

Chillin'. And having a nice view makes it great...

Laughing through dinner with the family. 

Looking at the ocean.

Mornings on the balcony all by myself with my Bible...

Heading to the beach. 

Games on the beach during the chilly days...

Meal time. Lots of laughs. 

Sunsets over the bay.

Family picture time. 

Just a few favorites...I'll admit, I didn't pick my camera up too often. I was in full on vacation mode. ;) 

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