Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wedding Albums

For years I've been wanting to order a sample album for weddings so that I could show clients what their album would look like if they ordered one.

Several years ago I went the cheaper/easier rout and got hardcover photo books made from a wedding. They were nice, but definitely not amazing.

Finally, I was sick of seeing "make sample album" on my to-do list (it had been there for more than a year) and decided to get on it.

I've always been intimidated by the whole process. First I needed to choose which wedding to print,  pick the perfect 40 or so images out of 900, and get the right page layouts.  It also takes hours and hours of time. One of my friends told me about the amazing Madera album company, and the process was way easier than I had imaged. I'm SO thrilled with the results!

I wish you could all hold the album and look through it yourself. It's so beautiful! The pictures do not do it justice.  Looking forward to making many more in the future!

The last page is my favorite! Full spread of this picture! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Angelina :: Portraits

Every now and then I’ll get a burst of inspiration and think “I need to go shoot now!” Of course when I have one of these moments, it’s great to have a friend to try it out on. For this particular shoot, I needed Angelina (aka, Babbs.) She was happy to help out, so we met up around sunset one night in Piedmont park.

I wanted to use the light from the sunset to create some contrasted dramatic looks. I also wanted a city backdrop. We literally chased the sun until it was gone, and then I got my video lights out and decided to play a bit with those.

The results were completely different than what I normally shoot, but it was so fun, and I love the images. Thanks for modeling for me Angelina!