Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sister Trip to Cali!

I love going places and I love coming home. I like getting in my car to head home, and I like boarding flights back to Atlanta. There were two times though, that I haven't wanted to come home. Once was on my way home from Austria. We were in the Frankfurt airport in Germany about to board our plane back to the US, and we passed a gate where the passengers were headed to Vienna. I wanted to go back. The second time was last month when we left San Diego. 

Four of us sisters went on our first trip to California and we loved it. Quite possibly the most fun I've ever had on a trip. We ate good food, hiked around cool places, biked for miles, shopped in cute stores, drove around in our convertible rental, talked, laughed, and just had a grand time. 

Take a look at the pictures…and see if you can understand why I didn't want to leave. ;) 

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