Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Getting Started

I get asked all of the time what made me want to be a photographer. I don’t have one of the “I’ve taken pictures since I was 5” stories. And sometimes I’m not even sure what initially attracted me to photography. I did use the little film cameras growing up, but not because I liked trying to be artistic, it was just because I wanted to remember things.  When my sister had a DSLR, I picked it up a played with it. I  can specifically remember taking a tilted picture of a bowl full of peanuts and being in LOVE with that photo. It was super clear (great quality), extremely creative (the camera was tilted), and some of the peanuts were in focus and the rest were blurry (f/3.5).  And that pop up flash…it made those peanuts SHINE.

I laugh at myself now, but maybe that was the start. When that camera was no longer around for my use, I eventually bought my own. My first DSLF was a Nikon D40. I was in love. My friends and sisters were my models, and I was so proud of my awesome pictures. I put them on facebook and loved the awesome feedback I got.

There was a lady in my church (Mrs. Swint) who was a fantastic photographer. She photographed many families in the church (including mine) as a gift to people. She blessed so many people with her photography. I was SO honored when she offered to let me come a long on shoots with her. And I know that is where the love for photography kicked in.  I learn by DOING. She could not have given me a better opportunity to learn. I went along to family sessions, studio sessions, and, my first wedding!

I’ll never forget the first time she told me, “you’re taking the first 20 minutes.” WHAT??? I can’t be the one telling them what to do! It was an awesome experience. She critiqued my work and encouraged me.

I loved being able to tag along because I got awesome candid shots. I loved the real parts of the shoot. The kids playing while the parents had their portraits done. The parents looking like crazy people behind the camera trying to make the kids smile.

That’s how I got started, and that’s why I love it now. I love the life that I get to grab and hold still for memories. 

Many many thanks to everyone who modeled for me, and for those who hired me. If it weren't for you all, I'd probably still be trying to get the best angels of the bowls with peanuts. 

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