Friday, November 22, 2013

Behind The Scenes :: 2013 Weddings

That's a wrap! 2013 weddings have been photographed, edited, delivered, and blogged (except for one). It was a busy and fantastic season. I've learned so many new things this year and it's been so fun to put it all to practice. As exhausting, time consuming, and stressful as weddings are, it's so worth all of the work, and I couldn't have been more blessed with the couples and people I was able to photograph this year. 
I'm so grateful for each of the girls who helped me out with second shooting. Angelina, Anna, and Lindsey, I couldn't have done it without each of you. To have a travel partner, emotional supporter, camera carrier, and location scouter is invaluable. I can't say "thank you" enough! 
So here's a little peak behind the scenes! 

Can you spot me in the crowd? 

Anna's sneaking into my shot! 

Sometimes you've gotta play the part to make sure the lighting is all good. 

Angelina models in front of the church to see if this would be a good spot for family pictures. 

We don't just take pictures...we take care of small things too. Like bustling the dress. ;) 

Comparing images and giving photo tips to guests...that's part of the job too. 

The light looks good here! 

More practice shots. Kiss the crackers?

Caught in the act...marshmallows are a good break from shooting. 

I'm looking forward to the adventures next year brings! 

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