Thursday, October 31, 2013

Summer Evenings in Vienna

Today's TBT takes us back to summer evenings in Vienna, Austria. I just sounded like a reporter, didn't I? But really, I miss it. Walking through the vineyards or the roads overlooking them was a bit of paradise. Talk about the perfect place for running! The first night Claire took us through the vineyards, the light was AMAZING and I SO wished I had brought my camera with me. They were all happy that I didn't because apparently they "looked bad". So, I made them promise we would go out another night. 

Finally, I was able to drag them out another night. They complained about not wanting to pictures, and even wanted me to buy them gelato if they were my models. But once we got out there, they were awfully smiley and great models. I think they secretly loved it. 

I miss these girls. I miss this place. Can I go back now? =) 

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  1. we did not love it. at all ;) especially when we walked down to the hippie bus