Thursday, September 12, 2013

Makin' it Count.

Sometimes the mundane stuff hard to appreciate. I mean, get on facebook in the middle of the day. People are tired, frustrated, stressed from school, and working long hours. The simple fact of life is that it's not easy (duh!). I know I'm not the only who finds it hard to not complain and actually enjoy every day life sometimes.

This week I've been realizing just how much I complain. "I'm tired of driving all over the world. I don't like playing this...I don't have a kids imagination anymore. I really hate waking up early. I'm tired of always being busy and feeling like I'm not getting anything done. "

God's really teaching me about enjoying the things I find myself complain about. I love it when I get to travel, take trips and do exciting things...but when I'm gone (especially for extended amounts of time) I find myself missing a lot of the everyday things.

(Meet the fire-girl and Ironman. Sorry you can't see the full costumes.)

I'm grateful for the kids I watch. That I get to see their imaginations, the things that make them excited, and hear the hilarious things they say. And even though my imagination is run dry and I have no idea what we will play for hours, I love that I get to hang out with them. 

I'm grateful for my assistance job. I like learning new skills. Before starting this job, I had never worked with Excel and had hardly worked with Word. I've learned some good things and feel pretty comfortable with what i'm doing….even though I still panic a little when there's something new to be done and I have to try to figure it out. When I was a kid, I loved pretending I was working in an office. So sometimes I feel like I'm that kid playing office. Sometimes. ;) 

I'm grateful for my photography job and the amazing people I get to meet and work with. I love getting to spend time with them while shooting, and then (my favorite part) delivering the pictures. 

What are you grateful for? 

Happy Thursday, you guys! 

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