Friday, May 10, 2013

The Warrak Family :: Lifestyle

I have two things to say:
1. It's always good to have pictures taken at the beach.
2. It's always good to take a photographer to the beach with you.
In Leah and Michael's case, they were extra smart. They brought TWO photographers to the beach. Anna is Leah's sister, and they invited us to go on vacation with them.
We were going to do the typical boring beach pictures, but Michael found the PERFECT spot for us to go. There were the most amazing sand dunes, crooked trees, and the bay. We could've shot all night. We basically photographed until the sun was gone.
It was a fantastic vacation with some great friends! Enjoy some pretties from this lovely family!

P.S. I think every mom needs a pretty picture of herself. Look at how gorgeous Leah is...she's basically a model!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS. Hailey. These are so incredible. :)

  2. Beautiful! The first image of just Leah is absolutely breathtaking. I think I've been staring at it for 5 minutes. Wonderful job. and you're right. Every Mom should have pictures like this. :-)

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  4. Beautiful images! I really love this style of capturing images that are more real rather than too posed! Great job! =)