Monday, May 20, 2013

Kealan and Alison

Day two of the storytime workshop: a couples shoot in DC. We were put in pairs and got to photograph "date night in the city".
We got our metro tickets and headed toward the stairs to get on. Over to the side I glanced over at a cute couple who were looking at us. They were dressed classy, looked very happy to be together, and were just really good looking! I started to walk past and I hear Kristen greet them and start introducing us. “Oh!  This must be one of the couples we’re going to take pictures of. No wonder they were looking at us.” I know, I know...sometimes it takes me a few minutes to catch on to the obvious.  A few minutes later, Kristen told Megan and I that they were "our couple". So, we sat in the metro and chatted the whole way to DC.
They're newly married and completely in love. They got married last fall and will eventually be moving to PA. Kealan is going to medical school and is interested in doing medical missions in the future. Allison is incredibly sweet and has a bubbly personality. She is also a photographer and takes super fun and fresh photos! There was never an “awkward silence” with these guys. They’re some of those people you just want to hang out and be friends with!

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