Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Birthday, birthday!

Birthdays are so fun.  This year especially. They always seem to come at a busy time so it’s usually a quick celebration, but thanks to my awesome family and friends it lasted forever this year! I felt really spoiled. =)  So many sweet cards, messages, and I said, I felt spoiled! 

Some highlights: 

Birthday dinner with my parents...sooo good!
Alex and I have the same birthday...we celebrated with Menchis! 
I got to be at the Wilds on my birthday...everyone made it so fun!
Celebrating with my cool family! 

We always lick the candles after taking them out of the cake! =) 

Pretty sure I gained 10 pounds from all of the candy I was given, and all of the meals people took me to. And now we are back to real life, and hopefully more consistent blogging! Ha!

Have a great Wednesday everyone! 

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