Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lindsey :: 2013 Senior

"Hals we need to find a time to do my senior pictures." January went by. So did February and March.

"Oh yeah we do..." April was getting started, and I forgot about it. Finally it was a few days before the deadline (she needed them for the graduation board) and I realized we really did need to do them.

Rainy forecast and lots of work and photoshoots. That's what the week looked like, so we squeezed it in right before the sun went down on a Monday night.  And it turned out beautifully!

It's so strange to think my baby sister is almost done with school. I mean it wasn't too long ago that she thought I was ridiculous for changing outfits trying to find the one that looked best. Now she's one who wins 1st and 2nd place at races, plays the piano 100x's better than me, teaching me guitar, and is working a regular job.

She's silly and sarcastic. She's organized and driven. She's sweet and a little shy.

I'm so thankful for the relationship that we've built over the years and the fun we have together...especially now that we're the "only kids at home"!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

When photographers hang out...

"I was secretly wanting to hang out so I could get a new profile picture." - Babbs

I guess if you're in need of a new profile picture, schedule a time to hang out with another photographer. haha.

For real though, I'm so thankful for the times we are able to get together. Atlanta parking + starbucks + quality talks makes for some great friend time. So grateful for how God uses friends to grow each other. Looking forward to wedding-shooting with this girl this summer!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Birthday, birthday!

Birthdays are so fun.  This year especially. They always seem to come at a busy time so it’s usually a quick celebration, but thanks to my awesome family and friends it lasted forever this year! I felt really spoiled. =)  So many sweet cards, messages, and gifts...like I said, I felt spoiled! 

Some highlights: 

Birthday dinner with my parents...sooo good!
Alex and I have the same birthday...we celebrated with Menchis! 
I got to be at the Wilds on my birthday...everyone made it so fun!
Celebrating with my cool family! 

We always lick the candles after taking them out of the cake! =) 

Pretty sure I gained 10 pounds from all of the candy I was given, and all of the meals people took me to. And now we are back to real life, and hopefully more consistent blogging! Ha!

Have a great Wednesday everyone! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jack and Abbey :: Engaged

Perfect blue skies, golden sunlight, endless green fields, gigantic trees, and a lake set the perfect scene for a spring engagement shoot. It was time to meet the happy couple. Jack is from Australia and has the coolest accent. Abbey has the sweetest giggle and is not shy of the camera. They both attend Berry Collage and were the perfect tour guides! They showed me their favorite spots, and smiled pretty much the entire time we were hanging out.

Be looking for the picture focused on Abbey's ring...Jack made it himself!