Monday, February 25, 2013

The other side....

Maybe the reason I decided to be a photographer is because I can't stand being the one photographed. Pictures with friends and pictures with my iphone is just fine...but when it's me on one side and a photographer on the other with a GIANT camera between us, I freeze up, get nervous, and I'm pretty much miserable.

Oh, it's so good for me. Now I know what my poor clients are going through. "Does my smile look weird? What does my hair look like? I feel so fake. WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MY HANDS??"

Poor Anna. She's my faithful photographer...and I have my little freak-out sessions every time she tries to take my pictures. Yet, she still agreed to take my pictures for my new blog? She really is a good friend.

I just thought you should be able to feel for her when you see these:

The good thing is, there's a happy ending to the story! She was incredibly patient, and we came away with some good pictures! But you'll have to wait for the new blog to see those ;-)

Happy Monday!

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  1. hahaaaa you're awesome. the iphone one should definitely be your new headshot. can't wait to see the new blog!