Friday, October 26, 2012

Pin it, do it!

Like many of you, I visit pinterest quite often. I'm either looking for recipes, DIY projects, or photo inspiration and I'm pretty hooked. But then there's a problem with it. I pin things ALL the time, and never actually DO many of the projects that I pin. So I've decided to change that! I want to start to start doing some of the DYI projects that I pin.  I'm going to blog it, so that way it'll hopefully help me be more consistent....and maybe it will even inspire you to start DOING some of the things you've PINNED!

So here we go. Pin it, do it!

This week, I got my inspiration here!

I have a ton of bottles that I've saved to decorate with. So I decided it was time to fix them up! =) 

So that's as far as I've gotten. Next, I'm off to the pain store to go get some more white paint...maybe even some yellow and blue =)

It's such a fun way to spice up some jars...and some shelves!

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