Friday, October 12, 2012

Life. All the everyday stuff!

I feel like I've been "settling back into normal life" ever since I got home in September. It's taken quite a while and I can't really explain why!
Things that have been occupying my time:
Work: I'm nannying again...but with much more time for my photography! Although I do feel like most of my work (nannying and photography combined) is mostly made up of driving. I filled my car up twice this week already!
Church: I'm teaching a class at my church again, it's definitely taking more time and energy this around...but I love my's totally worth it!
Family: I just can't help it. They're my best friends and I just help spending a bunch of time with them.
Projects: I've been spending quite a bit of time in my room/office. I'm just so happy with how it's coming along!
I've even been doing some baking and trying new recipes. So fun :)
Of course there's more going on...that's just the consistent day in/day out stuff :)

Now for some phone pics...because they're the best sometimes.
 One of my resent project: burlap curtains. They're only halfway done. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what i'm going to do.
 walking the pups with linz...
 what would i do without my little car?
 it took 3 hours, but i finally got it organized/filled. it's been sitting half empty and extremely cluttered since i got it. pretty excited about it!
 zucchini ships. definitely interesting...
 love this little kiddo!
 inspiration for britt's giant emtpy wall.
 step one: complete!
 girls party....oh so much fun.
 cracker barrel! yuuuum!
 doesn't get much better than that!
 fall mornings working at my computer call for lots of layers!
 driving around atlanta!
 my workout buddy linz. training for a race....
 cinnamon/sugar ships. mmm
 unfortunately, this is what most of my week has looked like....
....resulting in this! =)

Happy weekend everyone!

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