Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Room Makeover!

So a few weeks ago I blogged a little DIY post on some projects for my room! Since then, I've been working some more on the room, and it's so close to being done! Now that I'm about to leave (i would do that...) it's almost completely together. 

I don't think i have any pictures of the before before room. It was purple and huge....and me being a bad little photographer didn't get before shots. Yes, I'm kicking myself now. 

So these pictures are after Linz and I painted the room white, and got some new furniture in the room =) 

First up...Christmas time. Bland walls with Christmas lights. I did like the lights though...I thought it gave it a "loft" feel ;-) 
 In the process of painting the dresser.
 Pictures strung on the wall.
Awkward curtains that didn't do anything for the room. 
 Finally! I got some of my pictures printed!
 I've had a friend that has helped me with the room. She's helped me figure out where to place furniture, and she shopped at the thrift stores for me. She picked up this *cough* beautiful picture. No worries...it was about to become beautiful ;-)
 Then my awesome brother in law made me this headboard. Hands down my favorite part of the room.

After that came the part of deciding what was going to go on the huge wall. And this part took forevvvver!

 I got sick of trying to figure it out, and took a break.

I went by a yard sale and found this piece for $5! Painted it white, and hopefully in the future I'll paint a chevron pattern on the top  =)
Last Friday night I was determined to make the wall look like I wanted it to. And finally, I did! Minus the little picture in the right corner. Not sure if that's staying or not. 

The pictures are now strung inside of the picture frame. 
Obviously I still need curtains and a lamp shade, but those will come when get home in August. ;-)

So there ya have it! Maybe next time it will be COMPLETELY finished. Maybe ;-)

And then it will be time to work on my office!

Happy Tuesday!

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