Friday, May 25, 2012

from one thing to the next!

I was kind of bracing myself going into this wee.  The end of this week ends a season in life that I have enjoyed oh-so-much!

I'm not in college...instead I'm working. Weird? Maybe...but God couldn't have made it clearer that this is what He wanted me doing. It's kind of weird when all of my friends are in college, and the people I graduated high school with are entering their junior year. Sometimes I feel like a slacker. But then when I finish a week of babysitting 30-40 hrs and shooting several sessions, that feeling dispersers pretty quickly.

I've enjoyed it. I had a schedule. I would go to bed somewhat early (when I can) and get up super early. I would read my Bible, work out with my sisters, get a shower, grab breakfast, then head to work. My evenings were often spent shooting sessions, editing, or babysitting.

Since January, my Wednesday nights were a highlight. Not that they weren't before January, but now they were extra special. I talked a little about it here. I've been leading a girls class. It hasn't been anything like I expected. Come to think of it, I'm not really sure what I expected it to be like. Before the class started, I asked my dad how many had signed up for the class. He said 8. I was happy....yay! Eight girls, that's not so scary. came time for class to start and girls just kept coming through the doors. I was scared to death. By the way, it's good to do things your scared of. Then you have to depend on the best possible outcome. Every time I get ready to teach I'm still scared ...and now the number of girls in the class is around 40 I think...I haven't counted in a while. Anyway, I've learned a ton, seen God do amazing things, and developed such a love for the girls at my church.

Every Thursday afternoon I would go to the elementary school and help teach a good news club. I was able to help with the 1st and 2nd graders. I led the songs, and sometimes read the story. I would sit on the floor surrounded by 6 or 7 girls who wanted some love. I loved them.

And then there's Alex. He's my little dude. I feel like I've been keeping him for forever. I know I loved that guy, but I didn't know I was so attached to him, until it came time leave. I've cried over it several times. I've taught him things, he's taught me things. He went from grunting and making sounds, to saying words, to having conversations with me. He's tested my patience to the max, and completely melted my heart. He's grown like a weed, and every time he wears a sleeveless shirt, he shows me his big muscles.  I'm gonna miss him like crazy.  But that little dude better know he'll have some visits from me in the future =)

I'm leaving for camp this weekend to work another summer. I'm so excited and literally can't wait! Last year I knew I was leaving for the summer and coming back to things just the way they were. This year, I don't know what I'll come back to. I've got several different plans forming, we'll see if any or none of them happen.

So it's an end to one chapter and the beginning of another. It's sad, but it's also exciting!

On Monday, I had my friend Anna take some pictures of Alex and I. I love them...and she's the best.

 He LOVED the dogs and cats at the Hammonds farm :)

Wednesday night we had our final class and a party! So much fun! 

 Mrs. Raaen giving out awards for those who completed some of her challenges! She's so creative :)
The girls wrote us the sweetest notes! 
I got some random presents for the group leaders. haha! (We missed Katie though)
 We served the ice cream....but first we had to taste it and make sure it was good ;-) 

Some of the girls in my small group. Missed the other girls :( 
Rebecca's small group. 
Love these girls =) 

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