Monday, April 30, 2012

Rebekah :: Preview

I'm editing my friend's beautiful senior shoot and just had to share a few....

I'm a little obsessed with this first one. so different...
oh, and she has the prettiest hair.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Powell Family :: Portraits

On a really really perfect Tuesday night, I drove the adorable little town of Dallas and met up with the Powell family for some spring time portraits! Like I said, it was perfect. The weather, the sunset, the location, and all the happy excitement.

I had so much fun hangout out with them...there is always something to fun to photograph when you follow kids around =)

Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY :: canvas prints and pallet art!

Back in November I decided to move rooms. I wanted to have a office, and my room was just not big enough for it. The big room across the hall where the 3 older girls used to live was open, so I decided to move in there! 

It's taken quite a while for everything to come together, but it's finally coming, and I couldn't be happier! I'm hoping to finish the majority of the room up this week, so I'll have some pictures of the whole thing then! =) 

For today, I thought I'd share a few of the DIY projects that have been going on. I mean who doesn't love a few DIY photos?

The first project was inspired by this. I picked up a bunch of pallets a while back and had tons of ideas of what I wanted to do with them. Finally with the help of my siblings (taking them apart takes a little chunk of time) we got it made! Kate helped cut them all up just perfectly!
The second project was the DIY canvas prints. My friend Leah has helped me keep an eye out and  buy a bunch of accessories for the room at the thrift store. We found these fabric-covered canvases for $3 each. I took off the fabric, ordered some prints, and we made a canvas print. They aren't quite finished yet, but they're close!  
So there's a little sneak at some of the progress so far! My awesome brother in law made me an beautiful headboard too. As soon as I get the wall above it finished, I'll have pictures of that too! 

Have a happy Monday everyone!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Benji and Brittany :: Engaged

I've had so many previews to show over the last several weeks, I haven't had the chance to blog the full shoots yet!

I'm so excited to show you Brittany and Benji's engagement photos! I met Brittany last summer at the Wilds. She was a second year waitress and she trained me at the beginning of last summer. I remember her emailing me before the summer got started, letting me know that she was praying for me and willing to answer any questions I had. She was so patient as she trained a very overwhelmed how-am-i-ever-going-to-remember-all-of-this me!

I absolutely loved hanging out these people! We had so much fun wandering around Downtown Greenville on a cloudy Saturday morning. I love hanging out down there, and having a super fun couple to photograph made it extra fun! Brittany's smile is absolutely contagious, and it's pretty clear Benji just loves hanging out with her. We even ended to session by getting some ice cream from The Marble kind of people!!

Friday, April 13, 2012


Most people blog on their birthdays, but since it's not top on my list of things I love to do, I decided not to.

It was pretty uneventful...which was nice! I got my closet cleaned out and I actually enjoyed it. I sat outside and read a book. I did a photo session. Then my family came over for the evening.

I received phone calls, text messages, emails, and facebook posts full of happy birthdays. They made my day! I'm so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people!

I'm about to order my first pair of Toms. My mom didn't know what size and color to get me, so she told me to pick out a pair. I'm excited! I've heard they're amazingly comfortable....I could use some of those ;-) For those of you that already have them, what's your favorite pair??

Anna's (my best friend) birthday was yesterday, so we're hanging out and celebrating tonight/tomorrow. I'm pretty excited....we're trying to come up with something crazy we could do....any ideas?

Some pictures from last Saturday...thanks to Ash for taking them =)

We threw the baseball. Because that's what you do for a fun birthday.

Ethan was pretty proud of his skills!

Have a fun weekend, everyone!