Monday, March 12, 2012

Lindsey :: Portraits

I have my very own model.'s great. If I ever want to try something new out, I always go to Lindsey's room and try to snag her for a bit. She's usually a great sport about it! Especially that one time I dressed her up as a bride.

On this particular day, my Expo Disk had arrived, and I was sooo ready to try it out! Oh, and she had just gotten this awesome haircut...and when you get a haircut like that, you HAVE to have pictures of it! And yes, I might be more obsessed with her hair than she is ;-) See, I told you she was a good sport.

Oh...and she's really pretty too. Goodness...this is the kid who used to roll her eyes at me when I changed my outfit 10 times before church because they just didn't look right. "Who cares what you look like Hailey??" Now she wears makeup and all of that stuff. No babies in our house anymore!

1 comment:

  1. Hailey, your sister is gorgeous! And I absolutely LOVE the way you capture light in your pictures. :) You have quite the touch for making everyday things extraordinary!