Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Expensive stickers and pro tennis

Tuesday is a "get it done" day. So that's just what I did today.

I felt pretty accomplished this morning. I finished editing 2 shoots, packaged 3 shoots up (with Lindsey's help), went to the post office, took Linz to the library, went to the bank, got my tag renewed, and my tires balanced. My car drives smooth again. Yay!

I did something for the first time today. I payed $105 for a sticker. I have never been into stickers that much, so for me, this was a little much ;) BUT! It means I can drive my car. AND it is pink, so that part is good.

And today I realize that I could be a pro tennis player. Yes, I'm kidding. But my sisters and I had fun whacking the ball around. We pretended we knew a little something anyway. Sadly there isn't a picture to show for it.

This is Lindsey helping me my life together this morning. What would I do without sisters?

What did you do on this beautiful day??

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