Thursday, March 8, 2012

Get 'er done!

Every week I make a "to-do" list. It's for both business and personal things. As the week goes on, I add more and more to the list as things come to mind. It usually ends up being incredibly long, and I don't always get them all done. Sometimes they get pushed to the next week. But at least this way I can remember everything that needs to be done.

The only problem is....when things don't get done, it bothers me. Like a lot. Sometimes I'll spend hours working at something, then look at my list and there are still a bazillion things left. Then I just want to quit it all together.

Today was that day. I had a lot of extra little things happening this week, and because of that, my productivity level was pretty much at zero. So this morning I sat down at my desk determined to conquer the list. Sooo many things have been accomplished (including taxes. YAY!), but there is still so much more. That's ok. It'll happen.

so hey...take a look at some things that HAVE been accomplished...and I'm pretty excited about them!

I've been wanting to get large pictures printed for a LONG time. I finally got some! These are 16x20 prints that are going to go on the wall in my room. I have two 16x24's that i printed to go in my office (for when I get a change to make it awesome!). I think EVERYONE needs to get big prints made. It's really exciting.

Inspiration books. I started one when I was at a workshop last year, but it doesn't inspire me anymore. My style and the things I like have changed since then. So I started over. And now I LOVE it!

Business goals and brainstorming. This is hard for me to do. Because it means sitting still and taking time to focus and think. But I did it! And it was quite successful (and fun!).

Now it's time for me to get changed out of my pajamas, and to go to the elementary school for Good News Club! Have a happy afternoon everyone!


  1. yay for getting things done! you've inspired me to go make an inspiration book now :)

  2. it's funny how inspiration changes, isn't it? i've been re-doing my book too and surprised at just how much what i love has changed. good for you! :)