Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week of Instagram.

I pretty much love instagram. not only because of the cool things i can do with my pictures on my phone, but also because i love following people with pictures. i'm visual...what can i say :) so, this was like week....in picture form.

need a great way to relax? pinterest. some people love it, some people hate it. me? i love it.

i ordered prints. for the first time since like...film cameras. so exciting.

cubed potatoes. better than chickfila's french fries. i could have eaten them all myself.

i desperately wanted to be out in the sun. i needed to read more of this fabulous magazine and take notes ....but it was chilly outside. so what did i do? bundled up, and read outside. oh, and used a kids bike to prop my feet up on.

my niece is just the cutest...and very serious. But her mamma knows how to make her smile!

Linz and i having fun babysitting this crazy bunch. Tyler gets his bottle before bed, Ethan hurt himself and needed some love, Tim just wanted to play.

how did my mom have 7 kids??

some pictures hung!

early morning road trip with kate and linz on saturday.

being productive in the car.

crafting. fun stuff!

oh taxes.

So that was last week's fun....what did you do?

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