Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week of Instagram.

I pretty much love instagram. not only because of the cool things i can do with my pictures on my phone, but also because i love following people with pictures. i'm visual...what can i say :) so, this was like week....in picture form.

need a great way to relax? pinterest. some people love it, some people hate it. me? i love it.

i ordered prints. for the first time since like...film cameras. so exciting.

cubed potatoes. better than chickfila's french fries. i could have eaten them all myself.

i desperately wanted to be out in the sun. i needed to read more of this fabulous magazine and take notes ....but it was chilly outside. so what did i do? bundled up, and read outside. oh, and used a kids bike to prop my feet up on.

my niece is just the cutest...and very serious. But her mamma knows how to make her smile!

Linz and i having fun babysitting this crazy bunch. Tyler gets his bottle before bed, Ethan hurt himself and needed some love, Tim just wanted to play.

how did my mom have 7 kids??

some pictures hung!

early morning road trip with kate and linz on saturday.

being productive in the car.

crafting. fun stuff!

oh taxes.

So that was last week's fun....what did you do?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Johnny and Erika :: Preview

It's late, but I just had to share a little teaser from today's engagement shoot!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Some help with the kiddos!

Has anyone ever found it difficult to photograph young kids? Well, you aren't alone! I'm definitely no pro when it comes to it, but I thought I'd share what a few things I've found helpful when trying to photograph energetic little munchkins.

When I first started my "photography journey" I decided children would be a wonderful subject to photograph. After all, they're cute and adorable, I don't have to sound intelligent around them, and they're just so natural in front of the camera. heh. well….it didn't take long for me to realize there was just a liiiitle more to it than that.

Between nephews, and many other kids photo sessions, I've learned a few helpful pointers. Here they are.

1. Get a true portrait.
If there is one thing I've learned it's this: I want TRUE portraits of people. It's a goal I'm constantly trying to better myself at. If I'm holding a little boy down telling him to sit and smile, he'll probably start crying. Sometimes after that, he'll be grumpy for the rest of the session.
Kids play. Little boys run. Let him play with his favorite soccer ball, or simply have him race with his siblings. You get real smiles because they're having a good time! Oh and, become their friend first, and then maybe towards the end they'll give you that perfect "sit still and smile" picture that mom wants!

2. Pick a good time.
Oh, I have learned my lesson on this one! I really try not to pick the time for photos when it involves kids. What I usually do is suggest a good time, and then see if that's a good time for them. You don't want to come during nap or lunch time! Ask their parents when they are happiest!

3. Play!
Get down and play and run with the kids. Make friends with them! I promise they'll like you a lot if you do ;-)
I usually run around with my camera around my neck, and if I can, I'll stop really fast and get some great action shots! Be energetic! Have some fun!

4. "Watch me blink!"
Now this one works for some and not others. But it has worked for a majority of the kids I've done this with. Tell them to watch the camera and see if they see you blink.
"HEY! If you look in here reallllly closely, you can see my eye blink. Ok…watch really closely….tell me what you see!"
It usually works like a charm.

5. Parents!
Make friends with the parents! Communicate with them. Some parents can get stressed when their child isn't cooperating. Help relax the parents! This is how it goes a lot of times:
Parent: "Ugh! I'm so sorry!"
Me: "Oh no! It's fine, don't worry about it. How about I just play with them for a few minutes, and I'll grab some action shots. Then as we get used to each other, I'll try to get a few of those shots as well. "
Parents like to see their kids having fun! So, make it fun for you and the parents!

So there's my little 2 cents worth. Again, I do NOT claim to be a pro at this. Just a few things I've learned from shooting kids. Anyone have anything else that they've found helpful?? Please share it!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Who's the bride?

So this blog post will probably seem rather strange to some of you. Strange? Well yes, because I'm posting photos of my 16 year old sister in a wedding dress. Yes I think it's funny too...but I'll share the story behind it =)

My friend Anna and I had some new things we were wanting to try out, so we needed a bride, and we needed her THAT weekend! So, Brittany let us borrow her dress, and Linz was a good sport and put it on ;-)

We also created a little mini reception. Anna bought ice cream, and I made cinnamon rolls in the waffle maker.

It was a "just for fun" shoot...but I loved the images so much, I just had to post!

As for Linz, she thought we were nuts, and here's what she had to say about it: "Well 10 years from now when I get married, I wont need bridal portraits when I get married....I had them done when I was 16."

Like I said, she was a good sport ;-)


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines day winner!!!

Sooo we have a winner for the valentines day contest!

First off, thank you to those who participated in showing me your projects! I loved looking at them :)

Im glad I had help in picking a winner because I was torn.

Rachael Adams, YOU ARE THE WINNER!

We love your project! Whimsical and romantic, enchanting, etc! Loved it!

For those who didn't see what she did...here you can! Check it out!

Rachael....are you ready for some ice cream?? ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines day....what are you doing?

I'm a huge fan of Valentines day. This year I'm especially into it. I'm not really sure why...I just am. Maybe it's because it's another excuse to celebrate. I'm all about holidays ;-)

I had planned to wake up nice and early this morning and get a bunch of work done so that I could do some fun cooking/crafting. But, for the second day in a row, I slept through my alarm. Grr! So I decided that since the day only comes once a year, I would do my cooking and crafting anyway. The work can be done when I finish ;-)

I painted my nails today. Anna actually gave me the idea, and I like them! Please don't look too closely though...I do not claim to be good at it! And I wont tell you how long it took me to do this ;-)

I want to hear from YOU guys! What are you doing today? In fact...I want to make a little contest here. Show me what your doing for valentines day. What are you making? What are you doing with your kids? Anything! You post a photo on my facebook page, and me and my wonderful friend Anna will pic the best! The winner gets a $5 giftcard to COLDSTONE! (I said I liked ice cream remember? Now you get to enjoy some too!)

Can't wait to see all of your fun valentines day ideas!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

i like.

just a few things i'm currently loving...

Best friends + beautiful nights.

My girls. That's what I call them ;-) I'm leading (with the help of several others!) a class for the young girls at our church.

yup...i definitely love it.

pretty window light. ahhh....it's just so wonderful!

My small group. We have the class split into several small groups, and these girls are stuck with me! muhaha! ;-) Sadly, we're missing a few here.

ice cream. i love it ohsomuch. i eat way too much of it, so i'm cut back. looking at a picture of it is almost as good as eating right??

cinnomon rolls cooked in the waffle maker. My sister, brittany introduced me to this idea and i l.o.v.e. it.

happy wednesday friends!