Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The sisterhood of the....sisters?

Day #3.
Another event that made my top 2011 favs would be what I call "Our foursome date." Let me explain. Anna is my best friend. She has a sister named Rebekah. Rebekah is good friends with my sister Katelyn. And all four of us are tight.
It's been a friendship that has lasted for quite a while. Bek came over one day for a party we were having at our house. Katelyn and I thought she was pretty cool because she was one of the only girls we had met that thought building forts in the woods was cool. She was quiet though...and so were we. So we built a fort together. Pretty much in silence. But it was fun anyway.
I thought Anna - on the other hand - was an annoyingly perfect little teacher's pet (my sister taught our children's choir and she thought Anna was the sweetest, most adorable little girl). I would just roll my eyes (and yes i was the perfect example of a stuck up little snob...and that's what Anna thought of me).
But, after the fort incident...we became friends with the Hammond family, and eventually Anna and I became friends as well. And now, she's my best friend.
The four of us have really had a blast when we've gotten together...all of our late night talks at sleepovers, and our black friday shopping tradition. I can still remember the time our siblings took us to Chickfila, and I remember telling Bek, "Wont it be so cool when we can drive ourselves and go out to eat??" Crazy how time flies.
Well, in April, Bek got married! Anna and I even got to shoot the wedding =) But right before she got married, we all went out for a fun dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We wanted to spend the evening hanging out one last time before she got married.
So, we curled our hair, put on lots of makeup, and wore pretty dresses. It was a rainy night, and it was super crowded. But we still enjoyed it! Our dinner was absolutely delicious, and we had some great talks.
I'm so grateful for the wonderful friendship the Lord has given us, and all of the fun times we've had together.

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