Tuesday, January 3, 2012

pancake breakfast, hot chocolate, adventures....and ice.

So here we are. Day #2 of the countdown to January 9th. It's been so cool to watch God work this year. A big thing last year was for me to get my photog business off the ground, and it happened! I got to shoot everything last year. Weddings, families, kids, seniors, business headshots, a jewelry shoot for a website, and interior design. With all the shooting, I was really able to narrow down what I want to focus on shooting. It really was a great year. It definitely wasn't easy, and I've learned that owning your own business really isn't as glamorous as it looks sometimes, but that's how we learn. And I learned a lot. If it all came easy, I wouldn't grow.

Fun Event from 2011:

You northerners are probably going to laugh at me. It's about snow. Last January we had more snow and ice than I can ever remember here in Georgia. I felt like a little kid…I watched it come down and got SO excited! We even got snowed in for several days. Ok, maybe we got iced in, but it was still pretty awesome! Or at least it was for the first two days...after that, I have to admit I got a little cabin fever.
But, we got to do fun things like, make big breakfasts (hey, it's a big deal...usually I grab a tangerine while I run out of the house), drink hot chocolate, watch movies, play games, and, of course, explore in the snow!
The worst part was going to work when the "roads were clear". I'm pretty sure every road except for ours was clear. There are tons of trees shading our driveway and road outside our driveway. Sliding on ice is really not fun. I don't know, maybe i'm not adventurous enough. Or maybe I just like having control over the car ;-) But no accidents occurred, and eventually the ice did melt.

I was thinking, it's easy to get SO busy that you just don't have time for important things. Getting stuck at home for several days showed me that. I spent more time with God and my family - the most important things to me! It was quite wonderful.

And yes, I am hoping we get some more this winter. Goodness, it's cold enough out there right now! ;-)

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