Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day #4!

Day #4. And yes, I did almost forget to blog today. Yikes!
Well, my subject for today's blog isn't something "fun" that happened's actually quite the opposite. But it is important....because it was a big event, and something me and my entire family learned from.
It was April fools. My sister Brittany had the day off, but I didn't so I wasn't able to be home when she announced to the family that we was going to have a baby. Later, we met up at the mall, and that's when we got a phone call from one of my sisters. She told us that dad was headed to the hospital, because he was having a lot of pressure in his chest. I was so grateful that my boss let me off work early, so I could go to the hospital with the other girls. We found out that dad had suffered a heart attack. He had come very close to dying, but the paramedics saved his life. The whole weekend was quite an emotional roller coaster. It was so hard to see our dad in pain like that.
God miraculously and graciously brought him through it, and I'm so thankful we were able to spend another Christmas with him. Today we celebrated his birthday, and it was such an awesome reminder of how blessed we are to have him with us =) God is so good. All of the time.

During his recovery, we spent a bunch of time in the living room hanging out with dad. He also had a bunch of visitors come by. It was so good to see people we hadn't seen in a while =)

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