Monday, January 30, 2012

Tim and Samantha :: Wedding

Our family went to church and grew up with the Snyder family. They have been such great friends, and I'm so thankful for tools like facebook that make it possible to keep up with old friends!

When Samatha contacted me about photographing her wedding, I was thrilled...of course! I loved being a part of her wedding and being around so many of our friends!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


For Christmas my sister bought me Jasmine Star's magazine. I was so thrilled when I opened it!

I'm not even half way through it yet though. And there are three reasons why:
1. I don't love reading, so I have a hard time making myself do it sometimes.
2. I almost consider it a "pleasure book" so I don't give myself much time to indulge...there are always more important things to be done, right?
3. I'm trying to digest it. There is so much information on each page!

I just read a good chunk of it tonight, and I've been so inspired to work harder. It's like she says, "they say it's hard, because it is."

So basically what I'm saying is, buy the magazine. I feel like its a workshop...just a little cheaper and more local. ;)

You don't have to be a photographer to benefit from it. She describes how she got started, what she had to do to get where she got. No matter what your industry is, you have to work hard to succeed.

Read it. It's inspiring, encouraging, and....there are a lot of pretty pictures to look at!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rusty and Jenny :: Wedding

Check out this fun wedding! I loved shooting this beautiful summer wedding, and this fun family.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

hello, cutie.

Meet "she". She's my new favorite. I don't have have a name for her yet, but I definitely think she looks like a she. Any suggestions?

And yes, I did have to get a few cheesy "pose with my new car" pictures. (thanks linz!)

isn't she CUTE?

I have a strange obsession with the steering wheel. it's just so cool!! someone has to agree with me...right?

I can not thank my dad enough for how much he has helped me with getting this car. First off, he let me drive and put TONS of miles on his car while I saved for this. Then he took the time to look at the car with me, do research on it, and took off work to go with me to get it. Annnnd, I'm also glad he's nice enough to talk to those car salesmen for me...they sure are good at talking you into things. But my dad has heard it all a million times before...he is wise, that's for sure! I'm so thankful for him!