Friday, November 18, 2011


I've been pretty silent. Our internet has been having issues for quite a while now, and this week it's been out for several days. I've also been working on some major and exciting business changes....which has kept me super busy. I can't wait for you all to see everything! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Yesterday I took some pictures of this little cutie and her brothers...can't wait to finish them and share!

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Different Take at Positive Thinking

I was reading the book "A Gospel Primer" tonight, and I thought I'd share what I read. It sure does give a different outlook on things, doesn't it?

The more absorbed I am in the gospel, the more grateful I become in the midst of my circumstances, whatever they may be.
Viewing life's blessing as water in a drinking cup, I know that I could discontentedly focus on the half of the cup that seems empty, or I could gratefully focus on the half that is full. Certainly, the latter approach is the better of the two, yet the gospel cultivates within me a richer gratitude than this.
The gospel reminds me first that what I actually deserve from God is a full cup churning with the torments of His wrath (Revelation 14:10, Psalm 75:8). This is the cup that would be mine to drink if I were given what I deserve each day. With this understanding in mind, I see that to be handed a completely empty cup from God would be cause enough for infinite gratitude. If there were merely the tiniest drop of blessing contained in that otherwise empty cup, I should be blown away by the unbelievable kindness of God toward me. That God, in fact has given me a cup (Psalm 116, Psalm 23:5) that is full of "every spiritual blessing in Christ" (Ephesians 1:3) and this is without the slightest admixture of wrath, leaves me truly dumbfounded with inexpressible joy. As for my specific earthly circumstances of plenty of want, I can see them always as infinite improvements on the hell I deserve.
When I look at any circumstance that God apportions me, I am first grateful for the wrath I am not receiving in that moment (the empty part of the cup never looked so good!). Second, I am grateful for the blessings that are given to me instead of His wrath. (Life's blessings, however small, always appear exceedingly precious when viewed against the backdrop of the wrath I deserve.) This two-layered gratitude disposes my heart ot give thanks in all things (1 Thess. 5:18) and it also lens a certain gratitude glorifies God, contributes to peace of mind (Philippians 4:6-7) and keeps my foot from the path of foolishness and ruin. (Romans 1:21-29)

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Mason Girls

My little model friend is back on the blog with her annual photoshoot! =) Miss JaneBatson has been a popular little girl through my photography journey (here and here), and I'm always so happy to take and show off her photos! This year, she had a sister to join her!! I was so glad to meet the newest little addition, and we even got mom in a few pictures this year!
They were only going to be in town for 2 short days, so we literally had a photoshoot right before church on Sunday morning =)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Little bits of fun.

Fall is so fun, fall is so crazy, and fall is so wonderful. I've been crazy busy with photoshoots, so I've got lots of prettiness coming to the blog soon. But there's also been a lot of fun happening too. Check it out!

This little fella was a fireman for halloween this year….i thought he looked adorable, so I had to take him out a do a little shoot under the beautiful tree!

Last weekend a group of us headed up to one of my favorite places, the Wilds!! We had a blast! My friend Bekah was so awesome...she bought me this coke. I was pretty excited. The bottle just makes the coke taste better!

Our little travel companions!

It was BEAUTIFUL up there. This is about the only shot I got of the trees...I know, bad photographer-me. But it was fun to enjoy the weekend without even picking up my camera ;-)

Tuesday night, Babbs came, and she photographed ME! (I needed pics for my new website/blog that's in the making.) Ahh! I definitely like being behind the camera better! But she was awesome, and we had a blast! Thanks Babbs!

Well, it's getting later and I still have some packing to do. I'm off for another weekend of fun and work. Have a happy weekend everyone!