Tuesday, October 4, 2011

IPS Workshop!

So as I mentioned before, I just recently got back from a fantastic trip to Colorado! I was in Manitou Springs for a Lighting and Portraiture workshop with IPS. Benjamin and Jocelyn did a great job at teaching us the wonders of off-camera lighting and all of that jazz. Although I definitely wouldn't say I've mastered it, I can say I have a much better understanding of it. And at least I know how to work my flashes now ;-) Since the workshop, I've been trying to put in practice the stuff we learned. I've failed and succeeded. I'm determined to keep working at it, and so eventually it will be almost second nature...well, at least I'm going to try! ;-)
During the week we had several different assignments...both indoor and out. They were super challenging, and at times I felt like I totally bombed it and failed...but that's the way you learn right? Anyway, here's a sample from my time there!

First Assignment: We had to get different (specific) types of lighting in studio.

This is out of order (thank you blogger for always doing that. grrr)....but this was from our studio final...or maybe it was midterm...one of those anyway!

This was our second assignment. We practiced on mannequins so that a poor human wouldn't have to sit that long waiting for us to get our lights right. Kind of scary huh?

More from our studio final.

This is from the big final! We had real clients, and we could only use our lights. Moving children + lights + inexperienced me = crazy hard shoot! Possibly the hardest I've ever done. I was sooo thankful for my two assistants! Overall, I was very happy with the outcome :) I'll post more of these another time!

Colorado is beautiful. I think it might be my favorite state so far...of course I have a lot more to see ;-)

Our fearless leaders!

Another one of our assignments: 20 minutes to find the perfect location, and making the perfect image in our minds, then 5 minutes to execute the shot with EVERYONE watching! Whew!

Beautiful Denver at night...

I could definitely drive with this view everyday ;-)

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