Thursday, October 20, 2011

Room redos, missions conference, and out of town friends!

A full week. That's what last week was. It was certainly full, but certainly awesome! Monday and Tuesday were like a mad rush! I was trying to get things done before the craziness started Wednesday.

It started with the room redo. I've been in the process of switching rooms for more space (now I'll have an office!!), and for some reason I decided to start that process at the beginning of last week. I couldn't have done it without Linz. She put in a ton of time helping me paint. I'm moved in here now, but it's definitely done. Next step is bringing in the accessories and color. I'm so excited!

We had our missions conference at our church Wednesday-Sunday, which means we had missionaries visiting and speaking at our church for those 5 days. I've always loved missions conference, and this year was no different. It was a great time of hearing updates and being challenged.

Another part of the exciting weekend, was my friends coming to visit! When Brittany and I went to Romania a few years back, we met Kendra and JaneBatson, and have kept in touch since. They've visited the last two years, and so we were super excited to have them visit again! I also got to take their pictures again this year…always a highlight for me :)

I hope your week was just as fabulous as mine! Happy Wednesday everyone!

This is my old room....thankfully it doesn't look like this anymore ;-) This became the junk room while we were working.

in the middle of doing my room. It also looks much better now ;-) But those pics are coming....

Friday, Alex and I went to Brittany's house for a pancake and pajamas party...Timmy and Ethan came too!

Friday night was a girls sleepover at our house....what am I saying? Every night is a girls sleepover ;-)

Alex playing wii, and Timmy telling him what to do :P

We can't forget the football game at Saturday's missions conference picnic. They had some pretty hilarious cheerleaders ;-)

Complete with awesome hair!

Saturday night - Sunday was spent having fun with Kendra, JaneBatson, and Baylor Rose. More pics from that coming soon also ;-)

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