Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Typical Week...

I'm constantly realizing how grateful I am for the life the Lord has given me. It's not always perfect, and I complain way too much, but it's a continual growing process. Last week I decided I was going to use my D90 instead of my D700 and take a picture each day of what a "normal week" looks like for me right now. I love variety! I get tired of the same thing all the time...so this was a way of switching things up a bit. I fell in love with my DX camera (Nikon D90) again! I have absolutely LOVED the FX camera (D700)...especially the high ISO capabilities (yay for less grain in the photos!!). But it was fun to use the cropped sensor camera again. My 50 mm. seems so close up! haha. Anyway, enough chit chat! Enjoy the pictures =)

(sorry about the oversized pictures. I've been resizing them, but for some reason it's not working! I'm trying to figure out the problem.)

Monday's mean that we are going to get adjusted. This is a VERY exciting part of his day!

Contrary to popular belief, I can cook other things besides boxed mac and cheese and pre-made fish (Just don't ask about my labor day pancake/waffle breakfast...). On this Tuesday night I decided to Saute chicken for the first time. I was a big fan...it tasted yummy!

this is also a pretty common thing to see on a Tuesday night. Linz working hard to finish all of the homework for classes the next day. I remember this very well...sometimes I even miss it!

Talking about changing things up, I've been trying to think of some new fun things me and the little munchkin can do. Wednesday involved going "fishing". He was pretty proud of all the fish he caught!

and yes, he is still in his Pj's....that's my fault. With the excitement of going fishing, we couldn't be bothered to stop and get changed first!

*Insert Thursday picture here*
Well, yeah...so there is no picture for Thursday. I got so caught up in all the progress I was making by getting so much work done, I totally forgot to take a picture....until I was in bed about to go to sleep. I decided it wasn't worth loosing the extra sleep to get up and take a picture :P

It was park day. And you have to have snacks at the park. So here, you get a cute pretzel smile!

I walk in the door after work and this is what I find. Oh yeah!! Equipment for the Lighting and Portraiture class I'm attending later this month!

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