Friday, May 6, 2011

crafts and cookouts

Work today was spent making crafts and and playing at the park. And tonight we decided to grill out with some hot dogs and hamburgers. I loooove hot dogs...and i really love grilled hot dogs! was yummy.

First we started out finger painting some "binoculars".

Then he brought out his super cool glasses.

I even got some! haha

Alex's mom told me about a birds nest at the I got on a chair, lifted the camera up and got a shot of the eggs!

And there's the momma bird! Whew...getting pictures of birds is NOT easy. Good thing I had my super 70-200!

Tonight's dinner:

the start of some french fries!

getting the grill hot!

annnnd here we go!

chop, chop, chop!

time to eat! what a perfect night for eating outside!

Uh yes...that's Lindsey....

I hope you all had a fantastic Friday!

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